Frequently Asked Questions
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What can I expect in the initial consultation?
The purpose of the initial meeting is specifically for determining if we are a good fit for each other. When we meet, we will get to know more about your expectations for the project, the scope of work involved and what you are looking for in a designer. We will also talk about your investment level for the project. Assuming we both feel that it makes sense to move to the next step, we will then look at the project in depth so that we can provide you with a design agreement which will contain our fee for design services.

Do you charge for the initial consultation?
We do not charge for the initial consultation as most often our clients merely want to discuss their project goals and determine whether we are a good mutual fit. However, if you would like to ask us to provide our professional opinion or you want specific design services performed at that meeting, there will be a charge. We can discuss your needs further to determine a fee.

What happens after the initial consultation?
Once you have hired us through our design agreement, we now work for you on your project and we produce designs based on our specialized education and experience. The design agreement secures our time on your project and allows us to offer you customized service. This service goes far beyond the complimentary service that might be offered at large home improvement retailers. Our plans take into account all aspects of the space, including construction, plumbing and electrical issues. Every design plan is a custom plan. You can rest assured that your project is one-of-a-kind!

Why should I hire an Interior Designer?
An Interior Designer has the breadth of knowledge of materials, styles and space planning to assist with timely and proper development of your project. Similar to the manner that an architect specializes in one area, so do Interior Designers. Our firm specializes in kitchen and bath projects. More importantly, we are certified designers through the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). We follow NKBA’s extensively developed guidelines and good practices for safe kitchen and bath design.

Do you just design kitchens and baths or do you also design other spaces as well?
Absolutely! We do specialize in kitchen and bath designs but we design entire spaces! We are members of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). ASID member designers must meet the profession’s education and experience requirements, as well as adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct. The ASID appellation after a designer’s name indicates that he or she is an accredited designer who has passed rigorous professional scrutiny and testing. We have the knowledge and expertise to work with you to design any space in your home!

Will you work with my Builder or Architect?
Yes, we will! We often collaborate with Architects and Builders as we know that a collaborative approach is in the best interest of your project.

What if I don’t have a contractor?
Although we do not retain a contractor, we can refer contractors to you. Likewise, we can also recommend electricians, plumbers and other sub-contractors.

How can you guarantee I will be pleased with the final project?
Designing is our passion! We work closely with you throughout the entire design process and strive to make communicating with our clients our number one goal. We would be happy to provide you with a list of references. Please take a look at some of our testimonials.


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